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For video lessons on Photoshop, common programs or hands-on lessons (in or near St. Clair County) please contact

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Alice Moore Center for the Arts

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How-To Digital Photography   (5 weeks)
Learn, Practice & Review all in one session. Each week we’ll go over how to set up your camera for a different type of photography. You’ll have time to practice the techniques, then we’ll review the images as a class. We’ll cover Landscapes, Macro, Portraits, Still life and Telephoto.

Digital Photography    (10 weeks)
Learn how to take better pictures with your digital camera. Decipher the mysterious symbols on the dials. Get your photos into a computer, do some quick enhancing and get them back out as prints. Each week includes a presentation, discussion and review of the previous assignment.

Five Days of Fun with Photoshop: Beginning   (5 days or 5 weeks)
Learn the interface of the full version of Photoshop (not Elements) and how to make some basic enhancements and adjustment to photo images.

Five Days of Fun with Photoshop: Intermediate   (5 days or 5 weeks)
Focus on optimizing images. Continue to get to know the interface

Five Days of Fun with Photoshop: Advanced   (5 days or 5 weeks)
More optimization, simple retouching, image manipulation and ratification

Computer Scrapbooking with Epson & Word (2 hours)
We’ll visit the Epson Creative Zone to pick album templates and then learn to add your own digital photos in Microsoft Word. Templates available on site for transfer to your computer.

Polymer Clay Beads  (3 days or 3 weeks)
Learn how to make your own beads out of polymer clay: colorful, lightweight and oven-bakable. We’ll do snakes, spheres, ovals, bicones, lentils, and citrus beads, and a 3-D rose. Bring your own clay.

Keepsake Box Workshop (2 hours)
Make an easy square folded box and then a more difficult octagonal box out of copier paper.  Both patterns included. You can also purchase a CD with designs for you to print on the paper before you fold.

Waterfall Card Workshop  (2 hours)
Make a card that has a series of photos or decorated sayings that flip from one to the next when you pull a tab. We’ll use index-card stock. Patterns for two sizes of cards included. You can also purchase a CD with designs for to print out first.